Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i love 80's cartoon I



令人怀念的 Care Bears, Jem, My Little Pony, Pink Panther, 小叮当系列, 龙猫; 比较少看的 He Man, Thunder Cats, Transformers~ 当然不能忘了 Disney 系列,还有电影 Wizard of Oz 等等等,有些甚至不记得了。。。

虽然以前都听不懂到底他们在说些什么(那时会的英语词汇也有限。。。)但还是可以很投入的。现在重新看回去,才发现原来那时的卡通是多么的有意思~(这个就要感激 youtube 了)



jem and the holograms :D

my little pony

of course not to forget Doraemon XD

Monday, August 27, 2007

大头鬼的生活日志 I


Friday, August 24, 2007

i love DIY

made a memo holder for myself~
but didn't get the chance to use it at the end,
so now i brought her to office & let her play around ;D

having some fun

playing around in office :D

did some patterns on the back too~

the holder was made by mounting board, draw on it then do the inking n color n stuff.
used marker for color :)



was inspired by a friend of mine.

as usual the black n white version, and as usual again, still prefer the b/w version *sweat


baskin robbins annual report

decide to post up some of my 3rd year project,
this is the annual report i did for baskin robbins.
its basically based on an adventure of a lil girl name baroro,
she's having some fun in the baskin world of ice cream~

introducing miss baroro~

1 of the earliest setting of baroro

here's the pages inside

about baskin

chairman's message

baskin's product, took me long enough to fill in all the colors

financial review

close up, ehe. 1 of my fav page.

last but not least the financial statement.

1 of the early sketches

plan to draw out the whole book, even write the type on my own, but drop it at the end...

of course, how could it be fun if there's no friends playing with baroro in the playground of baskin, here comes 2 dearly friends~

proudly (ehem) introduce, pikko & pikku~

pikku: "hey, where did the ice cream go? it was just here on the ground moments ago!"
pikko: "?"

had fun while doing this project especially when creating those characters & baskin's wonderful world :)
when look back at it now... well... haha... (sweat)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

just for fun

hmm, did this while im bored in the office.
here's the original black and white version.

still prefer b/w myself.
my color sense sucks.

wait a min, wat if i make it into my blog header?

urgh, wat a no-no.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


specially for yeek, and of course for myself :)
u un i un

took a lot of time on the patterns, but enjoyed a lot while drawing it :)

i love starbucks

i was sitting in starbucks coffee doing nothing.
juz when i starting to get boring, suddenly a pen & a sketch book appear,
as i pick them up, i decide to draw a piece of illustration in order to dedicate my love to starbuck's caramel macchiato,
and here it is.

lame eh.

happy birthday

A birthday present for a friend :)
This is the color version.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jesus Revitalizes Your Life

An illustration piece that i did for a church cd cover, completed in August 2007.
The original was not this color, edited it in Photoshop, changed the color and try to add some burn effect on the bg.

here's the original cd cover.

front and back.

officially moved


hope u'll like my work, and of course not to forget my lil 大头鬼
thanks to her, if it wasn't for her, this blog wouldn't even exist~

and special thanks to michael, for the encouragements :D
u hav no idea how "hard" u had pushed me on the back that day, hahaha.

time to go forward i guess, and its never too late.