Friday, August 24, 2007

baskin robbins annual report

decide to post up some of my 3rd year project,
this is the annual report i did for baskin robbins.
its basically based on an adventure of a lil girl name baroro,
she's having some fun in the baskin world of ice cream~

introducing miss baroro~

1 of the earliest setting of baroro

here's the pages inside

about baskin

chairman's message

baskin's product, took me long enough to fill in all the colors

financial review

close up, ehe. 1 of my fav page.

last but not least the financial statement.

1 of the early sketches

plan to draw out the whole book, even write the type on my own, but drop it at the end...

of course, how could it be fun if there's no friends playing with baroro in the playground of baskin, here comes 2 dearly friends~

proudly (ehem) introduce, pikko & pikku~

pikku: "hey, where did the ice cream go? it was just here on the ground moments ago!"
pikko: "?"

had fun while doing this project especially when creating those characters & baskin's wonderful world :)
when look back at it now... well... haha... (sweat)


airene said...

wahhhhhh... how i love your drawingsssssssssssss........ it's so gorgeousssss.......
u're so talented my sweetieeeeeeeeee

yisuen said...

eh~ so surprise to see ur comment~~!!!
thank you for loving it ehehehehehehehehehheheheheheh

yevon said...

halo, im a 3rd yr design student as well.
i wanna search for baskin robbins annual report for my assignment but i can't get it.
but ur blog url appear wen i google 'baskin robbins annual report'.
can u tell me where you get their annual report.
ur design are it
my msn:

karla said...

hi, i really like what you've done in your project.. my favorite was the page with the baskin's product.. it was very coloful.. i hope i could design my own web like you do..^-^

i would actually like to ask for help.. i'm a 2nd college student and i'm making a report about baskin robbins.. and when i searched for the baskin robbins annual report, your blog was that first thing i saw.. i would like to know where you got the financial statement or the actual annual report of baskin robbins.. that would be a great help for my project..

you could mail me here:

thank you

keep up the good work ^-^

April D. said...


sorry to bother you~
but i was just wondering where you got all the financial analysis information of Baskin Robbins from, do you mind sending to me? I have project due soon and I'm in dire help! Thanks so much!

p.s those designs (as well as your others) are so amazing! Did you do them yourself?? they're adorable :]