Thursday, July 31, 2008

lost & found







一个人,却不寂寞 :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

dino in malacca

"dinosaur ah~!"

i just cant stop making fun of myself XD
its very addictive lol~
the most memorable picture taken for our 1 day malacca outing~ and i love this pic the most~
more pics coming soon ;)


i always have this problem but i don't feel like admitting it.
but it had came to a certain point that i had to force myself to admit it and try to do something about it.
i have disabilities in expressing myself, whether its in words, or writing. i cant even feel comfortable while using chinese (which is my mother tongue) to express my thoughts.
was discussing with a friend about a movie "the dreamers" that day, i had a lot of thoughts going on and i wanna share it with my friend, but all of a sudden, i dunno what to say?
im lack of confidence in expressing my own views? am i too afraid to tell others what im thinking? or im just lack of substances inside?
its bad, and im doing visual communication. how to communicate when u cant even express yourself well?
i have a lot going on in the mind but when i wanna let it out, im in a sudden blank.
as usual i'll go hide and avoid the problem. or just avoiding saying it out loud.
some friends told me that i seldom talk about my own stuffs. sometimes its not that i don't want to, but i can't?
i need to be organized. this post is a new start.
i need to be un-stucked.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love Bali 8 @ Lomo

the last roll
took this after learning surfing
our last day on kuta beach

camera: folio underwater camera (my holga ruined T.T )
film: Konica Centuria 100

lotsa ppl on the beach

kids having fun

the very clear blue sky

sexy lady XD

love the reflection

run run run~!

very cute lil boy

the end

I Love Bali 7 @ Lomo

3rd roll

camera: Holga 135 BC
film: Velvia

Besakih Mother Temple

the very long staircase, heading to heaven :P


after finish praying, on their way home

outside besakih mother temple

bakso stall along the road side, my fav pick

my shadow

as red as blood

statue of the 3 god

padi field

the lil alley of our guest house

on our way to ubud main road


tanah lot's sunset

beautiful yun

tanah lot temple