Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aston Science Park Design Brief

just realize that i never really post any of my design work on my blog :P (except baskin robbins)

here's a re-branding project that i'd worked on recently, its a real life project which requires us to pitch.

the brief is to create a new identity for Aston Science Park (view here for current website), which is a science park located near to my uni. i worked on this brief with another friend, swiss. really thank her for her opinion during our working time coz im really those person who can't made up their mind :/

at the end we still didn't get the project. anyhow, am still quite happy with what i'd came out it (using 1 nite :P) so decided to post it here :D

a lil bit about the logo...
The idea for the logo was created based on the main concept of "Where innovation meets", as science park is a place where innovation for technology gathers. Its also a focus point, a central point of latest technologies and creativites, thus the idea of using arrow as the main graphic element. Its the place where innovation and creativity crossover.

namecard, playing around a bit with the graphic elements and colors.


back of the letterhead

signages, further to this the 4 corporate color can also be apply on wayfinding,
separating the science park into 4 main section, using 1 of 4 color to represent each section.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i miss them

papa & mama.
i miss my family so much :(