Monday, April 28, 2008

my scrappy scrap book

pls ignore my ugly face....

what's a scrap book for?
1. doodles like thr's no tmr.
2. write down all ur brilliant stupid funny scrappy ideas.
3. phonebook XD (i find it useful to me as i always forgets ppl's contact)
4. work as a reminder (very useful as well)
5. basically u can do anything u want to it.

how to make 1?
u'll just need some recycle papers, stapler (bigs 1 are recommended)
stack all the paper together, then "kechak", then "tada~~~"
ur scrap book is done XD
this will help reduce the wastage of papers too!

some "other" creative ways to use ur scrap book
if u are holding a certain level of grudge towards ur bosses, u can:
1. chuck it into your boss's toilet bowl, make it stuck
2. pluck it out from the toilet bowl, chuck under ur bosses chair.
3. throw it directly on his/her face.

not responsible for any consequences 若使用了上述任何一项,后果自负哦

juz some sketches to show...
tua tao

as it shown, did this out of boredom :P


when need some hair cut desperately... lol.

special thanks to my dear senior, lilian, for giving me the 1st scrap book in my life! :D


Eva Eva said...

u had a very cute scrap book!!! =)

yisuen said...

thanks thanks :D
its juz a compilation of junk XD