Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Major Zombie Junior doll

promised Lefty from Gilamon (blog) long long long long time ago to make their Gilamon mascot - major zombie junior into doll~ lol
and finally i had finished it!
the whole process is tougher than i imagined it as there are many details part on the face.

Major Zombie Junior is the character created by Michael Chuah based on Lefty's Major Zombie.

major zombie is here to save the day~

sun bathing

details of da face




a tribute to gilamon~! i am da super fan XD XD XD

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Lefty said...

Dis is amazing. It looks EXACTLY like what micheal has drawn. Even the lines dat make up the face are similar to micheal's strokes. The color of MZ Jr's skin is a great compliment as michael n i haven't even thought of it yet. thanks so much, Yisuen. we will bring him along whenever Gilamon has n appearance. All the best to your study in UK. I m sure you will make us proud :)