Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Crossover between Past & Present

a crossover series that i did with edmund (the culprit who pulled me into the world of lomo XP)

it took place at 2 different place, different time, shot according to the theme we set
"Past & Present"

the most addictive part of lomo is, it always surprises u!

totally love the outcome :D

camera: 2 LCA+ (1 with kao kao light leak)
film: a roll of EBX

my lil bro's face, lol

i am lovin it!


Anonymous said...

wow looks really good, i told my tutor about your lomography....

U mind that i show her your works?

yisuen said...

hi there :)
i wouldn't mind, so please go ahead :D
if u want really good lomo, u can go to either or, both of them r lomographer based in KL, n they have some very wicked lomo shots! :D
hope the info is useful to u ^^

厩戸小皇子 said...

Wow! Your photos are really nice!

yisuen said...

thank you 厩戸小皇子 :) and the credits also goes to edmund who crossover with me :D
here's his blog
i assume that you're a japanese? visited your blog but i couldn't understand a word lol. but i think the lomoshots is our language :)