Friday, June 26, 2009


每一个蝴蝶都是从前的一朵花的灵魂,回来寻找他自己 - 苏打绿

oh mi gosh, i seriously don't know how to name my illustration XP
haven't post any new work for some time~ here's a new one to share :)

c&c r most welcome.


lefty said...

whts the medium u used for dis illo? i think its very gud. it fact, it shows improvement in your composition. u haven't lost it yet despite the gelato n alcohol, congrats XD

yisuen said...

medium? pen and paper :D
what?! =.= gelato and alcohol made me a better person muahahahahahahahaha
i'll take it as a compliment XD

yisuen said...

wait, haven't lost it YET =.=