Tuesday, July 14, 2009

illustrated type

they say, it takes 8 years to become a typeface designer,
more than that to design a usable functional beautiful type.

but we only had 3 weeks :S its not a functional typeface, but i gave all i have :)

one of my projects, illustrated type.

we don't really have any specific brief for this particular project.
so i thought i might as well do something that im good at (or at least i think what i'm good at),
something that represents me.

and these are the outcomes.
i draw all the types out, upper and lowercases.
scan it into computer and retrace it again.

promotional item - something to promote yourselves as a designer.
something to send to the design agencies,
something that tells them, heres what I can do.

postcards, postcard holder, wrapping papers.

5 postcards in 1 set

hello, give me a job please? LOL.

wrapping papers, black and white.

some sketches.

c&c's r most welcomed.


Hilmi Ramlan said...


Just wanted to say how wonderful ur work was. Really. Good job ;) hehe. Hope to catch up real soon! =D


p.s: uncle zaidi's friend :P

yisuen said...

HEY hilmi! thanks~ and wat lah u! of course i know who you are! lol~
when are you coming back to birm? go yumcha okie? ;)