Thursday, September 6, 2007

love & hate

my macbook gave me a heart attack when i was in my 3rd year 3rd term.
hard disk corrupted, i lost all the data, i didn't make any back up for any of my assignments (being stupid haih), at last i end up redoing almost all of my final project.

shitty part is its only like 3 weeks away from the project deadlines.

its a im-going-to-get-crazy period during tat 3 weeks. 2 final deadline on 1 day, marker visual and annual report. luckily thr's always help given whenever u need them, thanks to those you-know-who-you-are XD

this piece of doodle is more like... releasing my anger? or de-stressing, draw the rough sketch with a ball pen n use black ink pen to scribble. 1 of the earliest doodles.

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