Thursday, September 13, 2007

w . h . y ?

many ppl ask me recently. why da-tou-gui? (big-head-ghost)

hmm after thinking for few days, i listed out a few options... XD please choose one that u think its correct XD

A. my head is small but body is BIG, i wish my head can grow bigger (or slim down my body XD), that's y i call myself da tou gui.

B. hate to admit but u rili need to have a look at my forehead, 1 of my nickname used to be "fah loh hon"(in cantonese)... see?

C. im rili rili rili rili forgetful, n rili rili rili careless, im a da-tou-xia (big head prawn)

D. All of the above



edmund said...

i think i choose C~
hahaha... ^^

yisuen said...

apalah edmund, so obvious, shud choose D leh

jeepeng said...

i think is C too, keke!

edmund said...

oi... jeepeng~
y u at here de?
looking for red converse shoe?

yisuen said...

converse rocksssssss