Thursday, October 4, 2007

kinda annoyed

hmmm, since u have time to gossip n guess n gossip n talk behind ppl's back
why don't spend some time on ur drawing
or assignment
or maybe improving ur design skill
or whatever.

honestly, do i look like i care?


edmund said...

no need to be so angry la~
come, lets starbucks~
or... u wan yin yong?

yisuen said...

nola.... now think back a bit childish tiam >///////<
paiseh paiseh
sorry sorry
gam xia gam xia

April said...

cheer up babe...
no matter what the idiot said, as long as u dont give a shit abt it, it wont last long...
btw, ur friend reminds me abt starbucks...i miss startbucks/

nashkoor said...