Thursday, October 4, 2007

lady & the moon

hmmm. this took longer than i expected.
suppose to post it up b4 moon cake festival (if u can notice thr's a lil rabbit thr), too bad i can't finish it on time.

been drawing girls all the while, but nvr really color it in computer.
so this wud be my 1st attempt to do some cg, the skin is the hardest part to deal with, especially the face when u hav to take care of the lighting, shadow n stuff.
neway still a newbie in this, lots more to learn :D
and i must admit i'm really bad at doing background ahahaha, dunno what to do with it, so i juz took some nice motifs n duplicate it.
luckily it still turn out to be quite nice (i think la *sweat*)

recently fell in love with traditional chinese motifs, and also yakuza tattoo~

hope next time can do some body art :D

the close up.


Anonymous said...

not bad.good effort.k. :) but whats the rabbit doing there. hahaha...i saw it.

yisuen said...

aha~ i got write down ah....
u dint read ha~~~

yisuen said...

hmm r u hitler?

edmund said...

ah fah~
really nice oh!
i tot is clamp new art work and crossover with da tou gui~
nice try ^^

yisuen said...

clamp is far far away in front of me ler hahah
gotta work harder, harder, harder!!!

April said...

well, if u hav time maybe u can design me a tattoo pic...thinking of getting a new one since that dude messed up my first tattoo...

yisuen said...

hey babe
thanks for dropping by ;)
its my honor to do so nuahaha
any request for the tattoo?

April said...

nope, no special request...jut not too big, coz it hurts like
well, go ahead n take ur time on the tattoo graphic. i will get it from u when i go back to msia...look forward
thanks babe

Kenji Chai said...

i see this artwork many time ... but i couldn't find the rabbit... where is the rabbit ?