Wednesday, March 19, 2008



what happens behind no.29...(its actually my ofc's no. plate :P)

tong sampah

favourite shot

my dear yeek 1st ever lomo shot, yeah this is muah distorted face XD


edmund said...

wat can i said...
u r talented~
although is juz normal film..
but u can shoot it so nice la~
betul betul cun ah~

Jas said...

I love your favorite shoot.

Ivery said...

Yisuen, love ur photos so much!!! ^o^

C.K.VOON (Xiao Qiang) said...

you take a lot great photo! Gambahteh!!

Lefty said...

I like "Fat Road" and "29". Not bad coming out frm a toy... XD

yisuen said...

edmund: so kua jiong ah~~~~ make me paiseh >///< neway thanks a lot for ur compliments :D

jas: glad tat u like it too ^^

ivery: go buy 1 too la, apa tunggu lagi? XD

ckvoon: thanks thanks, still a newbie, lots to learn from masters :P

lefty: was thinking wth is "Fat Road"... zado XD long live toy toys XD