Wednesday, March 12, 2008




kinkiyen said...

pass through here,
n have a look ur blog,
the foto so nice woh,
take at sw there...?
like have been c,
so familiar...

yisuen said...

hi hi~
thanks thanks n welcome :)
do drop by more often ya~
btw whr is sw?

Jas said...

How to put lomo pic into your pc? You scan or...?
Sorry, I don't know cause I don't own one.

yisuen said...

hi jas :)

oh i juz send the film to the photo lab near by my house, ask them to develop than scan into disc, cost me RM 15 if u wanna know :P

its ok :) do feel free to ask any question :D

Jas said...

I see. ^^

jeepeng said...

wah! like the feel & mood! all nice!