Friday, April 17, 2009


I love stop motion animation! XD

was working as a volunteer for a local short film fest (Flatpack Film Fest). the best part about being a volunteer is, u get to watch all the film for free! :P
こまねこ (komaneko) was one of the film that i watched, and im totally in love with it!
insanely in love with it! LOL

been wanting to blog about this but i was slacking, finally~

こまねこ - はじめのいっぽ

こま と ラヂボー

ほんとうのともだち 1

ほんとうのともだち 2

ほんとうのともだち 3

ほんとうのともだち 4

it just warm my heart every time i watch it, without fail :)
hope u enjoy it as much as i do

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