Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I love Polaroid!

yeap, i got my 1st ever polaroid, thanks to eBay! :D

unfortunately, the polaroid films are too expensive here :/ oh well :P

testing testing!

ooops, dunno what happen, the 1st film came out together with the black lid!
wasted :D

yay! officially my 1st shot :D

the girls


yayawoo said...

finally u get ur lovely POLAROID!
and welcome to the POLAROID family ^^

yisuen said...

YESHHHHHH Polaroid family here I come hahaha XD
I am lovin' my new baby!

Eva Eva said...

oh gosh@ it's so lovely :D

yisuen said...

thanks eva eva :D :D

min said...

hey,may i noe how much for ur polaroid?I oso look forward to the palroid.^^

yisuen said...

hi min ^^
i bought it from eBay UK, cost me ard RM 50++ but the films r not included

ivery said...

so nice!!! ^o^
i want... XD

munhow@nothingbutpixels said...

poison ! :)