Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Love Bali @ Ubud

since we're staying in bali for 10 days, so we planned to move into the center part of bali, which is Ubud for a 3 days stay. Ubud is famous for its art and craft, as well as painting and the padi fields.

lotsa homestay, guesthouses, hotels and bungalows located along the streets in Ubud, u can easily find any range of accommodation around the area of Ubud. Teba House is the guesthouse whr we stayed during the 3 days in Ubud, its also the best place we stayed in bali! although its small, but its very clean, they planted a lot of plants and trees in the garden, the boss and workers r very friendly~

hard to find, but its a total surprise! recommended!

thr's a total of 5 rooms, they gave us the biggest 1 :D

the chairs in front of our room, my favorite spot!
i can just lie thr and read a book, doing nothing for the rest of the day~
oh and not to forget the bali coffee n tea that they served, lovely.

even for normal family they have this kinda pintu gerbang too!
they believed that it can prevent the evil spirit from entering their home

offerings for god

easily found everywhere, i even accidentally stepped on few =.=|||
so sorry!

the very famous babi guling restaurant - Ibu Oka

delicious~ now i miss this a lot

the lotus garden

lotus garden's pintu gerbang

my dear yun

magnificent stone carvings

they had developed into a very interesting culture

streets of Ubud, guest houses everywhere

a very good way to advertise~ u can find the hotels and guest houses name on the stone

a fine dining restaurant which is highly ranked on internet~

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