Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love Bali 4

some random pics to share :D

while waiting for kechak dance to start


we are 自拍 queen XD

before the incident

R.I.P holga TOT
full of sand..............

the balinese surf coach who looked a lot like japs
and i forgot to ask his name =.=

the right way to surf~

action! totally sucks on this
cant stand up and balance on the board =.=
fell into the sea most of the time n drink lotsa sea water :D

our last day at kuta beach

the very famous restaurant - made's warung

local foods! stuffed ourselves kao kao b4 we went back :D
our favorite - gado gado, soto ayam (chicken soup) and pork sate!!!!
how i miss their food TOT

thanks dearie for this gift
love it :D

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