Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Love Bali 1

travelled to bali for 10 days and just got back few days ago~
its superb~! awesome trip! exotic! great! stunning views! beautiful sunset! delicious and cheap foods! friendly people (over friendly sometimes)! cheap accommodations! sunshine! beaches! surfers! bikinis! leng chais! leng luis! XD
oh thr's so much to say about bali, just grab an air ticket and fly thr to experience urself!

in short, bali is a paradise~ i can die thr~ XD XD XD

however, due to my carelessness (and bad luck XP) i'd ruined my handphone, and my beloved holga camera TOT terpijak dog shit and terkena bird shit and some other small catastrophe. but still! i love bali!!!! :D

here's some pictures to share~ all taken by my friend yun~ using her Canon EOS 400D

our 1st stop in bali was Legian, Kuta:

legian street

dragon's tail

bali bombing monument, 1 of the most serious terrorist attack happened in bali
(sad and shame to say that its done by malaysian)

every family seems to have their own house temple

kuta beach

delicious bakso selling along the beaches :D

how bakso looks like

after makan apa nak buat? of coz lomo-ing la :P

big statue of the god Wisnu in GWK cultural park

closer view of god Wisnu


LOL fav stunt

stunning view of Ulu Watu cliff, a must to visit if u're in bali

us in sarung :)

at the cliff side~ both of us feel like jumping down

lotsa monkeys
fat fat monkeys =.=

frangipani 安魂树

LOL! so kesian looking!

breath taking scene

beautiful sunset

the sacred Ulu Watu temple


traditional kechak dance


Yun said...

Oh darling I soo soo miss our good times together *_*
Suppose to call you yesterday, but I went to Terengganu on Tuesday, my friend played a prank to con me and bring me there -_- So I stayed there for three days~
Hey woman that's not EOS40D le, I wish I could afford that! LOL 40D is Tripple the price of mine > 400D
muahahhah~ Glad you like the dress pic~ I thought it's so you~ OOoh love you much! Muacks Muacks muacks

Yun said...

Oh where are the lomo pix dear?

yisuen said...

*SHOCK* played a prank! my god =.= LOL cant imagine tat.
woops sorry la bad with remembering names and the models :P looks the same to me 40D and 400D (oops will kena tumbuk kao kao if let those camera freaks saw this XD)
eh woman i want the picssssssss XP bila u wanna burn for me?
oh btw i'll upload the lomos once i finish uploading the pics u took :D so wait for a while more ya!
love u lots
muacks muacks