Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love Bali 6 @ Lomo

2nd roll

camera: Holga 135 BC
film: EBX

flowers on top of the cliff


balinese ladies

dragon's tail, mainly can be found at the entrance


ulu watu cliff

sure its high up here

ocean and the rocks

good spot to surf~ advance surfing of course

padi field and houses

barong dance, can u see rangda?

statue with a very beautiful hibiscus

painting of barong

selling chinese fans, trying very hard to earn a living, yet they still give the warmest smile

forgot-the-name water fall

statue of the god, goa gajah

holy tree, goa gajah

the 3 statue of god brahma, wisnu and siva, goa gajah

moutain batur the volcano



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