Thursday, July 31, 2008

lost & found







一个人,却不寂寞 :)


yayawoo said...

this series is totally GILA siao SUPER sui series ah!!!

damn make me feel impressive!!!
faster post in lomo forum share with others!!

(if not i will ask every 1 come here and c it!!! kekeke...)

great job! really great job!!!

yisuen said...

walao~ u so kua jiong ah!!!!
this is my 1st try with slide~ last time~ but the photolab told me whole roll was ruined~
but thanks to shin yeek who helped me scan~ manage to let them see the world hahaha~
i like the photocopy effect :D

yayawoo said...

not kua jiong at all i tell u!!!
the effect u got is tottally awesome!!!

how yeek scan like tat??
the mood is incredible!!!
can u teach me ah?
i wanna to try to get this kind of mood too... like imagination fairy tale mood or "nightmare"...

is totally cool!!!

yisuen said...

i think it has something to do with the photolab la, whr i send the films to scan. when i collect the film the lao-ban-niang told me whole roll under, even asked me izzit i use a wrong setting for the cam =.=|||
u wanna give me 1 roll of urs i try to send it to tat photolab for u? XD
experiment a bit nyek nyek nyek...

ling @ lengmuizai said...

yayawoo no kua jiong ler...reali nice ler...wat film u use jek? reali lov it``~
lov ur pic so much liao..later wanna fall in lov wif u too...XD
(same wif yayawoo..faster post up..if not,,i started call ppl cum boom ur blog de lar..XD )

yisuen said...

ling, aiyo long long time ago i forgot wat slide i used... haha
all i remember is tat the slide was expired for very long, for more than 10 years? :D
its a free slide fr my fren, yeek, so i juz wanna give it a hit ;)

ling @ lengmuizai said...

oo..i gt a slide expired 20 year oso..duno stil can use anot...jus scare later cum out all black black...waste it``~

Eva Eva said...

fuuuyoh~ hehehe

yisuen said...

ling: give it a try lor~ nvr try nvr know mah~ lomo always give surprises, who knows this 1 is not a surprise leh kekeke

eva: hahaha~ digi? XD can link ur blog? :D