Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love Bali 3

day trip day trip~
1st stop, Mengwi~

bali is known as the "island of the gods",

because it has a lot of temples all around the island.

known as "ze-ze", came all the way from bangkok LOL

ala kedaton, lotsa aggressive monkeys =.=|||

snatching peanuts from me! horrible

aggressive~ i tot they r goin to bite me =.=

looks kesian tho

bats, stretching to wake up

next stop would be Tanah Lot! I love this place a lot!!!!!!

a remembrance

tanah lot's market

wee! we're here!
entrance to tanah lot

was lomo-ing thr

stunning view~

my fren manage to find this frangipani at tanah lot :D

i cant find any suitable words to describe its beauty

on top of the cliff is the tanah lot temple~ too bad we dun get to go in


i miss my holga very much ToT

天狗追日, my fren's favorite pic


beautiful blue sky

my favorite!!! our reflection on water
friendship forever :)

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