Wednesday, July 16, 2008

lomo on bangkok

finally i got my last roll of bangkok's lomo from the photolab (due to my laziness :P)

here's the lomo that i took while traveled to bangkok in may :D went with another 2 college mate, and we had an enjoyable (n tiresome, becoz of the shopping) 4D3N trip.

wat can i say abt bangkok? the shopping is great, food is good, taxi is cheap, people r friendly, shopping is still the greatest XD

cant wait to visit again!

1st roll with fujichrome 100 (which expired long time ago *sweats*)

3 of us in the mrt

basheer the designer book shop, H1

the railway

the golden tower in grand palace, bangkok. the weather was not very good.

looks like some chinese statue

2nd roll with velvia

grand palace


my 2 dear friends

mr. tour guide

we rest in order to walk a longer journey


2 converse and 1...?

found this outside whr we stayed

1 of the dangerous job in bangkok, taxi motor... or motor taxi? :S

china town

beggar in china town, 1 of my fav shot

to be continued... exhausted. thanks to max*s broadband's "lightning-fast" connection it took me 4 friggin hours just to upload these pictures, gonna puke soon.

thanks to max*s!

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