Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i always have this problem but i don't feel like admitting it.
but it had came to a certain point that i had to force myself to admit it and try to do something about it.
i have disabilities in expressing myself, whether its in words, or writing. i cant even feel comfortable while using chinese (which is my mother tongue) to express my thoughts.
was discussing with a friend about a movie "the dreamers" that day, i had a lot of thoughts going on and i wanna share it with my friend, but all of a sudden, i dunno what to say?
im lack of confidence in expressing my own views? am i too afraid to tell others what im thinking? or im just lack of substances inside?
its bad, and im doing visual communication. how to communicate when u cant even express yourself well?
i have a lot going on in the mind but when i wanna let it out, im in a sudden blank.
as usual i'll go hide and avoid the problem. or just avoiding saying it out loud.
some friends told me that i seldom talk about my own stuffs. sometimes its not that i don't want to, but i can't?
i need to be organized. this post is a new start.
i need to be un-stucked.


Eva Eva said...

same to me. a communication student who doesnt know how to express myself well.. :(

yayawoo said...

"why so serious?"

Michael Chuah said...

hamster boy~ when ppl talking serious you go play play~

well~ all i can say tat's life~
but never afraid to say out our opinion, i mean since we are kid, tat's so many rules to follow, wat to do & wat not to do~

and now comes the time, we listen to our heart. i know it's hard to fullfill everyone's point of view (yes i know). but we gotto be true to ourselves.

we hide ourselves often to avoid getting hurt or hurting others feeling. this makes you a diff person~

but it's pointless if you share with someone tat dont even know what he/she wants in his/her life. a right person to share your idea is important, i mean the frequency~

be true is the precious thing you ever got in life (somehow it always an exception)

why so serious? ops!

yisuen said...

evaeva: 没办法把想法具体化地说出来是一件很辛苦的事~

hamster boy: go bite ur straws!!! XD XD XD

michael: oh well, its just a sudden urge to blog in the middle of the night when cannot sleep XD but i do feel tat i have this prob, it has nothing to do with the person i shared my opinion with, the probelm is with me~ LOL nothing serious really, this blog is a new start to let me blurb out what i have in mind ;)
will practice it more often :D n oso training my courage to say "yes" even everybody is saying "no" :D

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, feelings is a sort of thing that hard to express through mere words, and it's not easy putting them into words or speech.

Me too, finding it quite difficult.

Feelings is not always meant to make it as a statement or share with. Try to put it inside you, deep inside your heart, understand it and soon you'll know how to materialise it into words?

Or you can try using other media to 具体化地说出想法, like lomo? or even illustrations that you are good at. Words or speech are just tools that you can manipulate, don't let them restrict yourself, and depress you in such way....

I'm quite an introvert, and I'm bad at expressing myself well too. Feeling to me is like wine, taste it slowly and gently and I might share it with frens occasionally. We had bad wine during some period and also had the good ones. Ups and downs.

I don't find that it's a really big issue in having problems to convey oneself.

Learn to, 'how'.

I wishes you all the best.

I know that you can find your way, just sooner or later.

Lefty said...

Everybody feels like that sometimes. Its the same feeling as "I am too slow in reading because I can't seems to read all the books I wanted to". Its not because you failed to express yourself thoroughly but Its not possible to completely express whatever thoughts that are in your head.

Your anonymous friend offers such excellent advice: "Feelings is not always meant to make it as a statement or share with. Try to put it inside you, deep inside your heart, understand it and soon you'll know how to materialize it into words"

yisuen said...

dear anonymous friend: ur comment is so... i cant find a word to describe, im speechless. it has given me another brand new point of view to look at this matter. i can only thank you for willing to read my blog n leave this comment, u have no idea how much it means to me.
and may i ask who r u? :D u sumhow reminds me of my college lecturer LOL

lefty: thank you for all the positive words and encouragements, appreciate it with heart ;)

Yun said...


hemant said...

Everybody feels like that something. I Wishes you all the best